Brand, book production, gifting design

Paisley Poppy

Paisley Poppy high end gifting

We were asked to conceive of a brand name and identity for a new premium gifting subsidiary brand for Gemma International Ltd. Along with the creation of Paisley Poppy we then also designed a range of premium cards and produce a high end book for the sales staff to use in meetings with high street retailers. Brands we worked on for these high end project were Peppa Pig, Thomas and Friends, Mr Men & Little Miss, Super Mario and Hello Kitty. Shown by Gemma International Ltd at the various licensing exhibitions in 2015 the brand and card designs are proving a great success with some of the designs now retailing in high streets around the country.

View the Paisley Poppy book we designed and produced here.

860-x-300-slider-images2Thomas and Friends.

860-x-300-slider-imagesPeppa Pig and George.

860-x-300-slider-images5Gemma International brands Noahs Park and Fairy Kisses.

860-x-300-slider-images4Hello Kitty.

860-x-300-slider-images3Mr Men & Little Miss and Super Mario.